Australian expatriate sonographer Expat@Large here, currently working in and around Hong Kong Singapore for a medical ultrasound company or two.

Since 1998, I've been Applications Support, Senior Applications Support, Clinical Trainer and Clinical Marketing Manager and never once seen a job description. Aah, Management. What is the first Myth thereof? Well, you know the answer.

My favorite and current role: International Clinical Specialist.

What the hell is that, you ask?

International: a stranger in some strange lands

Clinical: devoid of emotion and sensitivity

Specialist: out on a limb, career-wise

Flitting here and there across a coupla continents (38 countries!), living in and out of a suitcase, chasing the best girls and the cheapest beers (or was it the other way around?), looking professional and acting amatuer (or was it the other way around?), saving money and spending time (or was it the other way around?) and generally growing old disgracefully...

In other words - your typical ex-pat, having a GREAT TIME!

N.B. Please read my thesis before it gets too out of date!!!

What does yours say about SARS?

What is the latest SARS mutation? Check this News Flash out!

What does "slaughterhouse" mean?

Rimbaud: A Season in Hell. 1873.

Yeah, right. So that's why you became a gun-runner in Somalia. Smart-arse young prick.

Kiss me, you fool!

Hatted Gent: I heard in a lecture from Dave Levesque, that we only retain 15% of what we hear!

Seated Gent: Really! What else did he say?

Hatted Gent: Dunno. Can't recollect. I was too distracted by his "Balinese Teaching Shirt"...

(Original Caption: Please don't make me take my hat off! I might have a centre hairparting just like that dork over there...)

Age 23Age 3


Same son (Nathaniel)

Same truck.

Same backyard.

Trying to do the same expression.

Slightly less rosy cheeks.

20 years apart.

slurp, slurp

That's me, Specializing Clinically in an International way, on the left right, sucking and seeing on a coconut from this coconut dispenser lady in Ho Chi Minh City, okay okay Saigon. Jan 1999. But hang on, there were only 2 people on that motor cycle! What's going on here?

Well, for a start...

You can leave, and go to my non award-winning blog page

Or you can try and wade your way throught the densely packed reasoning behind this website in my Phil O'Sophical justification for laying bare my soul to several billion strangers.

More usefully, you can chase up some rapidly outdating information and opinions on the controversial obstetric ultrasound dilemma of Choroid Plexus Cysts of the fetus. This was submitted in a slightly more conventional form (i.e. on paper) as part of my successful application for the Fellowship of the Australian Institute of Radiography back in 1996.

If you want something more in the support style of information about CPC, try the Choroid Plexus Cyst Organisation. It has an excellent forum for parents, and lots more up-to-date links.

As well as the bitter and twisted stuff on the blog, those hungry for more of my prose can read some of my published small pieces on ultrasound topics, or some of my immensely amusing and/or depressing emails home about travel and such (superceded now by said blog).

Even more droll is my attempt to catalogue the important things in my life, like books and movies. You might want to agree or disagree with these. Up to you, as the girls say in Thailand.




















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