October 2008

OK Time To Move On

Aussie Pioneering Spirit

Shagging In Public

Whatever Happened To Harry?

The Best Policy

September 2008

Funny, You Don't Look Japanese

On A New Drug

Naomi Says It

Capitalism Will Eat Itself

Hot Or Not?

The Man Of Infinite Jest

Report on The Evening of Sunday...

E@L Is Unwell

I Have An Addiction!

The Quality Of Specialists

Film Recommendation - In Bruges

HBO Say Toodah, I Say Chewdar

Australian Writer/Journalist/Blogger Detained in Thailand

Seditious Quote Of The Day

Sweet Little Piss

Bangkok Blockade

August 2008

Seasonal Singapore

Adverse Penile Reactions to Efexor (Effexor)

Books Meme - Could Not Resist

Izzy Gets Me Up

Recommended Reading - Recommended Drugs - Recommended Listening

What I Was Talking About When I Was Talking About My Foot

Sticky One Coming Up For The Toeminator - Little Johnny Joke

Meanwhile, Back In The Office

The Tent - HK Rugby Sevens - 9th State Playing

eBanking = eNfuriating

Sarkozy + Bruni = Bush + ?

iNteresting iMac oBservation / OneNote Is Excellent

Phil O'Shite

Busy Getting Well

Who Should Light The Olympic Flame In The Beijing Stadium?

Who IS This Serious White Haired Young Man?


Sweet Home Singapura

Bite Me! or My Carbon Toothprint?

Blow Me!

July 2008

Black Swan Sashimi

Don't Give Up Your Night Job

Beach Rd Patong 2008

The More I Look At This, The More My Brain Hurts

The Bimbo Strikes Back

Sexist Pig

Is This How You Spend Eternity?

As I Order An IceCream

Sorry, I WON'T Publish That Again

I'm Sorry I'll Publish That Again

Ripeness Is All

First Day Wasted Reducked

Phuket - That's Pronounced Pookette.

Watch Out Unbelievers! [Amended]

It's Official II

It's Official!

Hellboy II

And I Would Blog 500,000 Times

The Bruce Chronicles

Gee, What A Nithe Guy!

Nice To Know

Out Of HK, Into BKK

Really Big Building Syndrome

Covet Not thy Neighbours Burglars

June 2008

Schedule Update - The New Black Is Not the Old Black

I Am Legend - Alternative Ending

I'm Not Gonna Cry

Big Plane, Fly Over The Water

Buy This Album

In Which The Alien Umbrella Bursts From E@L's Chest Again.

Birthday Quote


Shit! Gray Square Of Death!

The Photo - Was It Worth The Effort?

OK No Photo of My ReCrowded Desk, Then...

My iMouse Has A Right Button!

I Hate It When This Happens


Lost Passport News

The Desk (Before and After iMac)

War Inc.

Precessing On The Ecliptic

iMac - OhMac!


The New Me


Essential Reading

Permanently Passport Pissed

Quotes De Jour from Google and others

Walk Hard

Hey, Bo Diddley

For Someone Who Didn't Believe Me

The Expelled - The Calmative - The End

Was Not Planning On Sighing Today, BUT

Grovelling Letter To Australian Consul

Che Fece… Il Gran Refuto


King Of Irony - Cont'd

I Am The King Of Irony

Blogs Vs Mainstream Media in UK Science

If They Built a Fortress Around Your Passport

Meanwhile In Sunny Singapore


No Surrender

Try Firefox / Safari

May 2008

I Can't Log On, I Log On

Pointless Incessant Barking

You Can't Teach An Old Blog New Tricks

Dysfunctional? Moi?

I Can't Blog On, I Blog On

Mellifluity. Mellifluity? Melli-the fuck!

Speaking Of Facebook

Blogs Are Dead, Long Live Blogs

Necropolis Now

Great Aussie Lovers? Ha!

Even MORE Awry!

Plans Gone Awry

Tix & Pix


Kabul - Kaboom

The Conversational Corners I Paint Myself Into

That's The Second Time I've Fallen For It This Week...

Al-salaam Al-aikom from Alexandria

The Riddle Of The Sphinx - Redux

Is How Is Done In Egypt

Power Of Prayer (Thought Mediated Reality can bite me)

Cairo Australian Embassy, Ya Gotta Love 'Em!

To Libya Or Not To Libya

CSS Is A Shit To Sort Out

E@L's Do Nothing Saturday

Burma Cyclone - Some Advice

2 "Meme"s

The E@L And The Ant

Missing Fingertip Grows Media Support System

Irreligious Intolerance

April 2008

E@L Petting Thai Girl

In Quest Of The Dick's Knot

Holy Get Well Soon BatBitch


Good News

Duxton Hill Rd Conversation

From a Comment (plus extemporising rant)

Vietnam Photos

Tale Of Three Cities

Never Get Out Of The Boat: Pt 3

Never Get Out Of The Boat: Pt 2

Never Get Out Of The Boat: Pt 1

So Slow

You've Cum Along Way Baby!

Kopi's Last Toast

Tarantino Theatre

Need Your Ironing Done?

How Not To Improve The Rugby Sevens

Harry Belafonte Took A Dump In Your Handbag!

March 2008

The HK Vibe

Beautiful Camels Festival

Something To Think About... Or To Supress?

My Specs

Don't Know Much About... Tibet

Not Reading

Irritating Bowel Syndrome

Rashid He Sell Burqa

Happy St Patricks Day To You And All

The Outlook Is Not Good

At Pub Three Men

Packing From Perth

Steak and CS Day

G'day Moite: Reduxed to Tears

William Hazlitt: The Man, The Essay, The Biographer.

G'day Moite

Reasons To Be An Expat: #4,355,701

Friendly. Mostly.


Toot Toot!

Black Coffee?

The Accidental Tourist Hits Mumbai

Service With A Snarl

Low Hanging Fruit for Next President Of USA

Where Is Indy?

Hamlet Explained By Tribal Elders

Facebook Question | Taking A Dump In India

Ow, Not Ow.


Good Question

Brief Foot Update 6 weeks post Morton's Neuroma Excision | The Joker | Brief Family Update

Under The Influence of Prescription Drugs

February 2008

Lessons I Have Learned

Message From Beyond?

NICE Taxi Driver #1

E@L's Phone Takes a Taxi Ride: Part 5

Great Cliches In Cinema - The Nod (Slow)

Church Of Lost Souls

iHeart despair dot com

Timor Leste, The Lest We Forget the Better

R.I.P. Roy Schneider

Night Of Horror

Circular Rd 9pm

This Is Amazing!

To Sugar Or Not Two Sugars?

The Cleaning Products... Are In The Cupboard

In Which E@L Finds His Lost Despair Only to Gain it Again.

MEN and SHEDS (Poem to be delivered in style of RJB)

Timeless Poetry

Foot Notes

Feet - Breakfast


January 2008

Why Do Some Men Visit Bangkok?

Singapore Maids Jealous Of American Domestic Help

Xenophobic Singapore? - It's A Xenophobic World

Light Blogging Ahead - Redux II

I Should Be Packing : Various Digressions

Aliens V Predator II : I Haven't Seen It

Aussies Shut Down Changi Airport!

Bye Fidelity?

Shit Tickets

Trouser Snakes On A Plane

Drinks With Skip

Remembering Australia's Leaders' Attitude To Suharto

Mistah Fischer - He Dead

Love My Sushi, My Sushi Loves Me

More WTF? More Limping

Nobody Expected Spanish Inquisitors To Be Anything But Shifty on "Torture" Definition



Goethe: Redux

I'm Paying For This?

Free Wally

Thinking Too Much


Karma (My Name Is E@L)

The God Parts of The Brain Damage


Fucking Quod Fucktard Erat Fuck Demonstrandum

I'm A Fucking Criminal AGAIN!

Problems Solved

December 2007


Step In Step Out

Ten New Things, 2007





White Man's Burden

Chennai-Pune Kingfisher 0411

Pune Times Warp


Tsunami - The Aftermath

Big Mistake!

Funny Poem

No-one Blogs Any More


Ship Of Fools

Top Five

Short one

My Kinda Town Kinda

November 2007

Evil has a Name


Business Class, and He Whinges!

I Want To Live In Another World

Slow Learner

Singapore Girls - Lecherous Expats

One Armed Reading Robbery

Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Artist

Woof Woof, goes Burma

As Requested: Christopher Hitchens Pole-Dancing

Forex Trading - What Not To Do...

Thailand Expat Life-Cycle - Step One: The Bad Tatt

If You Get The Chance

Asian Godfathers, by Joe Studwell

Happy Or Not?

So Much For Light Blogging, leh?

Rickshaw Uncle Rips-off Mild-Mannered Tourists and Other Digressions

Purchase On Reality

Need a New MP3 Player


Homeland Insecurity

Light! Posting! Ahead!

Why I Have Not Written All My Books

October 2007

Spellcheck Not Ruereiqd

Suggestion For Singapore Elevators

My Novel's Plot STOLEN



This Has Got To STOP!

Duxton Rd

Easing Of Registration Restrictions at E@L? Nuh.

One of The Problems With Globalization Is...

Edwardian Pedophile Still At Large!

Spike In Town

Heel, Hemlock, Heel!

Escape From Tokyo (Immigration Queue)

Change Of Topic

History Of Religion - World Map


Somewhat Eclectic and Diverse Pre-Reading List

I Still Miss The Mouse

Self-Help Site for Muslim Porn Addicts


Men Talking To Women

Numb Bummer

Such Good Friends

Life In The Old Dog Yet

Further on the God, Death thing, but briefly

No, Yes, You're right

Free Burma

Shag, The Dancing Cat



% Burns

Incommunicado II

Did You Feel Like Jesus?

September 2007

Big Day In Geelong



Saturday is Grand Final Day

How Dare They?

In Town

Myanmar Days


Who Moved My Golfball?


Still Alive...

Busy One, La!

I'm Back: Taxis Have Gone

A La Rechereche Singapore Perdu

Paris - Day Yesterday, Day Today, Day Tomorrow

Paris - Day what the hell is it already?

Paris: Day Four - Oops, Did I Miss Day Three, Part Two?

Paris - Day Three: Part One - Food

Day Two - Cimetière Montparnasse: Part Two

Day Two - Cimetière Montparnasse - Part One.

Paris - Day One: St Germain des Pres, Latin Quarter

Paris - Pre-Flight, Flight, Arrival.

August 2007



Desperation Blogging...

How Do I Spam Thee?

The Not-Scorched Dresser

Mmmm, Paris! Chubby Hubby's Guided Tour

Holy Fuck - Sorry 'Bout That Chief...


The Louis Cypher Effect

How I Spent My Singapore Weekend

Straits Times Makes Major Factual Error of In Key Sports Match

Conscience Wrestling For Beginners

On My Mind

E@L GHQ - Formerly an IKEA-free Zone

Hints: a) It Makes The World Go Around b) It Allows E@L To Go Around The World

Dead Centers of Paris

I Am SO Going To Do This - But Not That (Watch Another Jodorowsky Movie)

Newton Circle Jerk

The Art Of Lost Conversation

No Country For Old Men

Morton's Neuroma

Paris - Je t'aime, hopefully...

July 2007

Books and Death

Tryhard de Charlatan

Sucker For Push Advertising

Out Of Timber So Crooked

What Would Homer Simpson Do?

World Famous in Cambodia!

What Next? Marge Topless?


The China Dream

It's All Relative, Uncle

BFD, yar?

Lost In The Jungle

Paris Axolotl: Axolotl Blogger

A Few Lines Before Bedtime...

What's Your Indian Name?

Bullet-Proof Vest for Motor-Cyclists in Jakarta?

Tussles Of The Gods

Speaking Of Throwing Up...

The iPhone...


They Don't Make Robbers They Way They Used To


Not a Good Day

Chicken and Fish (or Prawns)

Still Busy


WARNING: Go Easy On Those Dope Cookies

Are You Old Enough For E@L?

Japglish to English Required

Some Party Photos

It's The Small Things

Great Weekend!

June 2007

Obvious YouTube Link


Didgers Miss Me?

Culture Shock in West Indies

Frailty, Thy Name is Seating Equipment

LEAST Favorites

Grab Him, Don't Let Him Go!

Only Try This At Home.

Birds Of Power

Kopi and Kaya Toast

May You Never Grow Old Bald and Fat

Older Woman BJ Gets Boy Released After Younger Girl BJ

Harry's Bar

Proximity Urgency

Not Lonely

Only Lonely

Regional DVD -- **brimstone fumes exit nostrils**

Sash Hangs Up Her Stilettos

"God is NOT Great"

It's Not JUST Me

In Search of Lost...?

Was that ALL he said?

May 2007

Lost In Translating

You Guys Are Squeamish!

Posting Problems? - Eat The Extinct


E@L History Files: Gadget Troubles circa 2001

Izzy in a Borat? - Entertainment Value


Party Invitations Are OUT! (as in, like, sent.)

E@L's First Ever "Babe Of The Week"

It's TRUE - Hoegaarden Shortage Strikes Expats Unawares

What's The Skinny on Fat Countries?

Divine Intervention in Singapore Property Market?

Who Said That?

Breakfast At The Homesick Restaurant

Miss Your Turn

Brilliant, he says anonymously...

Bruce in BKK

Democracy Under Sniper Attack

YouTube is Blocked in Thailand!


Hardship Postings Again

Alas My Life Was Incomplete

The Spike Spike

Singapore Should Buy JB

Who Owns Australia?

Last Night Will Have To Wait

20 Martinis

Target Demographic

April 2007

Google Web History - Similar Quotes

Some Things I Sort Of Know About My Father


Mismeasure of Singapore

Fur Tongue

Macau - Moon River

Wouldn't It Be Nice?


Party Problem



How Long Are You Going To Use That Knee Excuse?

'Democracy in America' Explained.

Democracy in America, 1938

No Sex Please, We're American

The Art or Insanity of Alejandro Jodorowsky

E@L's Perfect (if tedious) Chip Recipe

On Topic

Our Silence Says All That We Need To Say

MEP Banned From Speaking At Public Forum

R.I.P. Kurt Vonnegut Jr

An Orchard of Shoe Trees

Far Cough

Pay Me More Too

See You There?

Pinteresque Singapore?

Tattoo You

My Heart

Shame File

It's Official! E@L Is "Global Talent"!

I Have Seen The Future Of Computing And It Is Closed For Unreasonable Security Reasons

HK 7s Report

March 2007



So If Today Is Singapore, This Must Be Monday.

Snow Daze (there's an original pun for you!)

Maid Staging For Expat Disease

The New Google Search Engine?

Knee Failure (or a pulled "heart muscle"?) - Nekkid Saunas

Friskodude: Soon To Be Free? Latest Update on Granny Basher...

Schnee Fahrte

Math Quiz - Time and Space

Fat Pig


More "Last Ever Size" Posts Still To Come...

The Last Walk of E@L

Switzerland und Austria Fahrtings

Why Do We Question?

The Last Ever "Does Size Matter" Post

The Year Of Living Pynchonesquely

Vale Gabrielle

'Safe' In Indonesia


Sports Mad E@L!

You Think You Feel Bad?

Two Three Good Reads

Why Men Cannot Win

The Fun-Park In Utopia

Sharp Wine

Did I Miss Something While I Was Away?

Heading Up Country (addendum)

Heading Up Country Part 3

Heading Up Country, Part Two

Heading Up Country A Coupla Clicks

February 2007

Rules Of Seducing E@L

Bar Code

Suvharnabhumi Airport

Two More For the Quotes List

One Night In Bangkok

Full of Function

Eryngium Yuccifolium

Hua Hin Five-O, or Sentosa Five-O?

Secret Of Happiness

Violence Of The Lambs

Sweet Tooth

Zone of Mediocrity

Achievement Related Pleasure

A Little Taste of Zurich, Here in Singapore!

The Purpose

The Choise of Valentines

Another Home-Cooked Meal, Another Disaster(ish)

Wanchai Chronicles: Parte The Seconde

Not Down, Not Out...

Cosmic Debris

Literature Map

Epiphany #2



Bozo Club

One Of These Days, Alice, ONE OF THESE DAYS!

GBS Shaving Story

Lucky Face

Chilled Air

January 2007

Invest in AVIVA! Get Sick? - Get Fucked!

Death Of A Dictator

How to find E@L

CNN - Truth in Advertising?

Price To Pay

And Finally This Fine Morning As I Prepare Breakfast

Graphical Insularity

Singafuckedpore: Redux #456,768

Mmm, this beer tastes nice...

Fire Alarm

Spooky Mystic Wierd #323,397

Blogging and Privacy - Oxymorons In Search of a Mutually Exclusive Pair 'a Ducks?

Bring Me The Hunted Head Of E@L

Minister's Minor Prime Salary Adjustment

Snow Patrolling

One Swallow, What Summer Already?

Montreal COLDEST!

Tokyo Cold

Bloody Hell Not ANOTHER Taxi-Driver Situation



Pan's Labyrinth Redux

A Myth Not Hit

Let me read that again...

Amazing Friskodude Update!

Bad Santa, Bad Bali

December 2006

Required Christmas Reading

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year & Blogging Hiatus

Visitor 250,000 Coming Up

I'm Going Under...

The Blogographer

Holy Brass Monkeys

Bloody OCBC! Bloody Singapore Air!

Alive Alive-O

I See A Long Tunnel LeadingTo A Bright White Light

Won't Power


Changes At Gaddi's?

MT2T - Cheap Surgical Option in BKK? Not!

Face Pulling - The Classification System

Put DownYour Books and Step Away From The Library Card.

Fascism Is Fun

I Know It's BEEN Sauce, But What Is It NOW?

No Train - No Pain!

News flash from the BEEB

DOMS and Subs

Memories Re-remembered

Spray-On Condoms Should Be Tested in Bangkok


Knees Up

Membership Account Activation Now Required

Attack of 50ft Zombie Divorcees (Redux)

Radioblog and Stats

From The 'Fads Come and Fads Go - By Definition' Division of E@L Marketing Research Inc.

GST Hike Arrives Early in HFC - Poor People To Benefit Before Christmas?

Reality Check

November 2006

Busy Weekend Coming Up

Too Close -- Mets


E@L's Enron, Parte The 2nd - Here's How He Did It.

"If You Can't Handle The Truth, Read The Straits Times!"

E@L's Own Personal Enron

Ice Crackers

Fish Bicycle

“They’re not great puppies if they’re fake!”

And On A Personal Note

GMail Spam Filter Issues with Spam, Egg, Sausage and Spam

Another Weekend Passes

History Lessons Not Taken

A Bad Day

Distracted - Inferred, Stimulated and Temperamented

Finally Got That Post Up - Need Geek Support... Python! Strangles Blog Post


Readallarbardit! E@L Scoops StraitjacketTimes! E@L Nearly Citizen-Journalist of The Year!

Glad Not To Be A Bangkok Expat Blogger


Darwin Awards - from Darwin!

Signs of Civilization

Biting The Hand That Feeds YouTube

Light Blogging Ahead

Small Change - BIG Change

October 2006

I log on and my heart goes straight to my mouth...


Margaret River

This Is My Life -- On a SWIFT

Is It Just Me

How Relaxed Are You?

Original Free Hugs Guy

The Nutty Professor

Taipei Karaoke 101

What LKY is NOT...

The Karaoke/Jam Session World Of Expat@Large

Some Reasons Why god Exists.

Holy Smoke!

Interesting Medical Observation for All You Guys Chasing Young Tarts

God: The Video

ArseBruise: The YouTube Movie

The BEST Live Album Ever Recorded?

Singapore: An Attractive Destination!

Been Busy

Werewolves of Boat Quay

Eve of St Mooncake

Sacked! Not Sacked!

One Track Mind


Roses Are Red

Nothing to Fear but FEER Itself

Shitty Air!

T-Shirt For VPS

Statins: To Blame For My Sore Feet and My, umm, Memory Loss?

Keep Your Eyes Open For Boobs!

Dinner With Milos

OOOWWW!! I mean YYUUCKKK!!! It's Near Naked Sunday!

September 2006

More On Perfect

For Dick

Oh that's rapid, that's rapid

Banned Books Week

Man On Fire

Bastard Behind The Eyes

Might Try The Wine Company on Evans Rd

E@L at The Gym?

Snow Patrol

Diet for Life!

Speak Ostentatiously Alienating English

LG15 Anticipated by William Gibson

No Names No Pack Drill

Reasons To Hate Singapore #247,399

LISTEN EVERYBODY, Just Cheer The Fuck Up OK!

No Robinson Crusoe

Comes a Time

Final Post For Today - Promise

Fraternity of Moleskins -- Not Lingerie Shopping With Miss Izzy

Literary Event of The Century

Seven Songs


God's In Her Heaven


Cremasteric Response

Is This A Metaphor?

Speaking of Public Appearances

Change Of Date - Apologies

Insufficient or Misplaced Commitment

Steve Irwin Farewell Bash?

Friskodude Gone Missing?

Note To Self

Yee Ha!


MRS Noh Goat or MR Noh Goat? YOU Decide!

Hamburger Nostalgia

Nightmare of Morrocco

The Thoughts You Think When The Draught You Drink

What Song Would Sting Sing At Steve Irwin's Funeral?

In Memoriam - Steve Irwin

Erectile Dysfunction Spam Member-bot

As Good An Excuse As Any

Not That There's Anything Wrong...

This Is Not A Test - OK It's A Test

Topics Unexplored

Richard E.

Ouch - Redux

Ouch - it only hurts when I live

Taxi Drivers - AGAIN!

August 2006

Weekend Away - Don't Forget To Criticise China, I Won't

Farewell China Readers - After This Post E@L Will Be Banned From The Middle Kingdom

Guitar Jealousy

In Bed When It's Raining -- Martinis




Vulgar Hallux

What Do YOU Want To Be When You Grow Up


Inspirational Star Trek

Won't Power

Bad Idea

Wrong Queue

What This Country Needs

Vietnam's Hostages

Make The Wife Happy

Cardiac Defects in Vietnamese Children


Bad Bad - Terrible Terrible

Spooky Mystic Weird #407

Too Gutless To Send This

Mind Prison

Saigon Sunday Blues

Spammed By Hare Krishnas!

What Happening In Singapore?

Vale Singapore Serf - Knight of Pentacles

Winning Moves

Martini Pole-vaulting

Bloody Hacked Again!


July 2006

Rethink On New Rule

New Rule! - New Meme?

OK I Was Feeling A Bit Down

Is This The Face Of A Sad Man?

Sideways, if not Totally Horizontal.

Off Again

All I Want For Christmas

What NOT to do in London

Saturday Night In Singapore

Two Texts

Suicide Watch - Israel (II)

Laughing At My Own Jokes

What To Do In London

Singapore Times Crossword

Suicide Watch - Israel

To Sleep , Perchance to Dream.

You Are What You Read

London (TM)


Tom Cribb

The Rules

Last Libyan Notes - First London Note

Infantile Singapore: Press and Government

Drinking and Smoking in Libya:

Roman Ruins of Leptis Magna

Tripoli Hi

Eight Miles Hi

June 2006

CSS & Color Scheme Tweaks - Air-Con Turf Wars - Light Blogging Ahead

I Can't BELIEVE It - Good Ship E@L GHQ Sinking Fast

On Drafts

Revenue Authority Overreaction

Told You So

Sidebar Blues

Hot In The City


Fancy A Pint?

London Organized : Singapore Unorganized : Long Delayed Post-Natal Depression

KTV Knights

Prick Of A Day

Libya Latest

Do'h! #456,456,457

Top Urgent

What To Do In London Over A Weekend

A Life In Movies (uncredited)

Asia Blog Awards 2006

Hua Hin - The Evidence

How About Them Aussies? Soccer ? Love it!

El Kabong!

Libya oh Libya oh have you met Libya?

Onion King

Word of The Day - Acculturate

iRiver Blues

Hemlock in Guangdong

This Is Not A Blog About Me (that's the plan)

Vegemite Oscillation Index

Beachcombing Bachelor

Look Out Gaddafi, Here I Come! Maybe.

Do'h #56,744

The BusUncle Code!

Woolwich innit?

Bad Democracy Hub?

Street Song Serenade

Bigger Than Ben Hua

No Luck

May 2006

Hacked Again And I Missed It - aka Not My Fault #4

Google Mouse House

All Our Penis Are Attached To Your Mom

Mouse and Mousette

Timor Leste

Didn't You Used To Be Someone Else?

Not My Fault #3

The (Un)Fortunate$

Nude Lip On The Blog (2) - Missing Role Model


Nude Lip On The Blog

An Irish Poem Singaporified

Ominous Quote

Middlescence and Jazz/Rock Fusion

Cupid's Kitchen

Mo' Ass-Candling!

Burning Candles At Both Ends For Fun And Profit

Pick-Up Tray Death Symptomatic of Uncaring Government IMHO

Guess What's Still Not Working.

Asshat - Origins of The Expression

And Flow My Tears, The Gahmen Said

Problems With Trying To Maintain a Reputation For Being Funny All The Freaking Time

Ermita and Other Filipino Literature.


Need a Holiday Destination

How E@L Got His Groovy Blog Back (2)

How E@L Got His Groovy Blog Back (1)

The Optical Inch

Password Strategies.

Ready For That Operation Ma'am?

The Risks Of Fatherhood (1)

If We Make a Sequel We Could Even Lose More!

Naive Immigration Question

Typical Blogging v Novel-Writing Angst From Another Wannabe Writer Who Knows He'll Never Rise Beyond His Mediocre Blog... Me.

Thagoth - E@L's Book Of The Week

Gone Phishin' II

Impersistently Political

Historical Research (1)

Behaves Like A Sphincter, IS a Sphincter

Killing Bono

April 2006

Fucking Firefox - The UnTabbable Tabbed Browser

It's A Beautiful Day

China A Joke?

Gone Phishin'

Google Silences Dissident Funny But Naughty Blogger

There You Go

The Best Dreams I've Ever Had

Retail Therapy, sigh...

Do'h! (Parts: 3,567,583 through -93)

White Coffee?

I Can't Go If You're Watching

Empty Cup

Bags and Baggage

Important Trivia

Trying Not to Roll My Eyes

Crabby About Crab

Yet Another Thing I'd Didn't Care About Know

Happy Birthday Sam (for the 13th)

Busy busy busy

Feeling Paranoid?

Singapore 7s

Do Hookers Dream of Electric ATMs?

My Favorite Pithy Comment

Attention, Dragons Over 4.3m! Mind Your Head!

For all you wannabe lawyers out there...

Something I Said?

Currently Malfunctional at E@L GHQ

Spencer The Rover

The Wanchai Vortex

Beer Farts Are Major Factor In Hong Kong Pollution

March 2006

In Hong Kong for R7s

Siege Mentality

How Does Your God Stack Up? - Indian Famine - Goan Inquisition

Flickr Uploads

Bonita's Bali - Interesting Place!

Before You...

Ubud? Slept and missed it.

Still Alive And Brilliant

Kuta Horror Kuta Luxury

Inside Mr Expat

I Hate It When That Happens

Snap Back 2 Reality

E@L's next computer...

A Slob Like One Of Us

Indy's Rugmunchers' Guide

Easily Amused

King of Thailand Rebukes Prime Minister on TV

Itchy and Scratchy

Double Phished!

Comment From Ted

My Recreational Activities...

A Plethora of Plastic Bags

Double Helix My Arse

Hardship Postings

Another Opportunity Slips By

Slave Labour Still Legal In Singapore: Another Mint Julep?

In Kuala Lumpur SIA First Class Lounge

Something To Do In My Free Time In Bali?

Another Gary Glitter Joke

And Merry Christmas To YOU!

Ring My Taco Bell -- Funny? Moi?

People Are Still Getting Spam

Ugh, it's Ugly.

Please come Iraq, is very beautiful country

Are You Sure You Wish To Delete This eMail Account?

Office Window Intrigue.

Confession time: I am a drug smuggler!

Screwing By The Numbers

February 2006

Movie Quiz

You Are Not The Entries In Your Blog...

Decapitation Suicide By Drugs?

People Are Still Having Sex

Vietnam Vignettes

Sex For Sale Sometimes, Somehow

Ineffable Sensation of Insecurity

Noted From Planet Vietnam

Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Iranian Joke.

Corruption Joke

Feeling Happy and Proud of The Achievements of The Human Race?

How To Find E@L

This Morning I Feel Like Elvis Looking For His Long Lost Twin

Hate Speech Is Only OK If You MEAN It!

Two Words

Holy Shit! E@L's computer is Out of Action

Plate O' Shrimp (Redux)

Friends in town - massage

Angry Muslim Cooks Burn Danish Pastries, Butter-Cookies

E@L and The Taxi-drivers


Don't Ask...


Something Else E@L Didn't Know

Singapore Blog Awards -The Categories, in Case you Forgot...

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Jesus, Life-Guard of Suburbia?

And Aussies Say Yanks Are Dumb...

Discipline The Schnitzel

January 2006

Prone To Be Supine?

Brand Names Suck

Insult2Injury - Abominations of A Geisha

Tempted by a Warlock

The Diet (Reduction, Redux)

The Keys To The Door...

Disappointment always (Desengaño redux)! No DVDs till next year...

CSS Tweaks (Redux)

Cheer Up!

Domestic Stupidity

Domestic Blindness

ATLAS [Shrugs]

Seven-Headed Beast of The Apocalypse Shareholders and E@L

Rush of Blood

In Kuwait - brief notes

One King, One Prince.


Pleasure and Pain

Disappeared Discombobulated

Joan Jett of Arc

What Book Are YOU?

How to get Chicken Flu...

This Afternoon

Now Here's A Question You Don't Get Asked Everyday.

Don't All Jump At Once

Machine Bush

Pale Fire

Everyone Is In Luuuurve, But Not E@L

Need a Phone!

Need a Drink?

Son Of A Motherless Goat! All Quiet On The DVD Front...

Decisions Made For Me

Innocent Observation

Hot Steamy Sex: The Secret


CityLife funnies


Joy O Joy

Golf-wanker - Coffee - Homestay - Photos

Feel Better Now

Sprite Hangover

How Many High Colonics Before You're No Longer Full Of Shit?

Sounds O' The Times - 2006

NYE - Phuket 2005/2006

The Sea The Sea

December 2005

Fear and Self-Loathing In Phuket

Shoulda toyned left at Albekoykee...

Rock Hard Cafe - It Gets Animal

Poolside Reading

50 Ways To Leave Your Lifestyle

Booking Not Confirmed

Out Of Office - No Booking For NYE in Phuket

Three Things I Can't Bring Myself To Read (or Write)

New Toy


Why Do I Miss Hong Kong? #549(b)

Alive: 501 blogs later...

WOW Stats explosion!

Don't Forget To Nominate

Hi! Just passing...

Drinks with Manila Blogger Madame Chiang

Sushi Training Video!

Barbie Gives USB Head

"You wanna live forever?"

Dentist - Xrays - Rude Pictures

On the Interpretation of Dreams

Eye Contact

Smaller And Smaller Circles


First Class Fuck-wit

New Technorati Tags

The Cause of Homelessness

SexBBM (aka BASS): Life is a Cabaret

Delivery muck-up

Deep Quote from Izzy

More Retail Therapy

Not sure if I am up to posting rationally tonight

Vale LA Idler

November 2005

Big Tuesday

SexBBM (potential redux: attempt 3)

Situation Normal In Malaysian Police Force

Sooooooo Close, And Yet So Golf!

"if the distance between us doesn’t afraid you"

Anticipating New Year's Resolutions

And by "unlimited", we mean "extremely limited"

As If That Wasn't Enough To Keep Me Busy

Retail Therapy - next purchase: another bookshelf!


Seperated at Birth: According to XenoBoy

Wedding Daze

Out of Range

Thanks Mum

*DANGER, WILL ROBINSON* Do Not Buy Copy-Protected CDs

Uncover The Country

How To Get On A Train - The PowerPoint

The True Tales of Bruce.

Quotes from Miller's Crossing

Train Door Rage

Scene of the Crimes

Big Mistake - 1/4 million mistakes!

Seperated at Birth?

E@L tries to Poll dance

Queen and Paul Rogers

Received Stupidity

A Thousand Times No

Film "editing" by Gahmen, how to know?

Yet another late call for Friday drinks -- Batman Beguines the Begin -- just ONE coffee?

Fright Night.

Statistical Variations

To Hell in a Non-Sectarian Handbasket

Hemlock Interviewed!

One of Hemlock's Best - Metaphorical IKEA


October 2005

Reserved Seats

Australians to Boycott Singapore?

Queer Cattle

Passing It On

Another 100 Greatest Novels List


Thought for the Day

E@L Actually Looks Through the Straits Times!

Woody Allen interviewed by Norman Spinrad

You have one phone call...

Blog Entry Title of the Year?

Google “[your name] needs” and see what comes up.

Why I Blog About What I Blog About -- Horror Writers! -- Just joking!

More Evidence that E@L is An Expat at Large

Poem for Wedding - Final, last, final, most final choice...

Incriminating Memory Stimulus


Why Go Home?

Desperate Housemaids

Suitable Poem?

Two Spikes that pass in the night...

The Guilts - Apples, Trees

Bad Time to Blog

Hong Kong visit...

Interesting Australian Patent

Free Ulysses! (I didn't even know he was captured!)

CSS tweaks

What world-shattering claim next from iPod users?

A Thin Veneer of English

Do'h! FCD!

Logging Damage In The Otways

Paranoia? -- Where's my Dipstix?

Heart Into Stone.

Two or One 4 One?

Bling -- Ghost Story

New Songs on Radioblog (Finally, they cry!)

Decision Time

iDiots iLockedin to iPods

Who Said That? -- Friday Night Drinks

Porn or Blogs? Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Bollywood Party

No Saving Private Ryan's Nasty Sub-text.

Bali Bombing (Redux)

Retail Therapy

E@L Cooks Up Another Disaster!

iPod Owners are Wankers? Who says?

Snippets from 38,000 feet

September 2005

Vancouver Weather...

Wandering Clitoris - an underdiagnosed cause of sexual dysfunction


Out of Office (Again!)

Books are 4 Keeping...

Big Party!

A Productive Day - A Wet Night?

Brad Pitt and E@L - seperated at birth?

More from Osteopath S. Potholder and Co.

Too Funny for Freedom

Thursday Evening Drinks

Sedism and Racition

The Aim is Good, but There is No Point...

Would the Following People Please Stop Sending Me Emails!

And Now For Something Completely Different

Sedition (sells editons)

Brilliant Idea(s)

Seditious Comments - Culture Shock

Sturm und Drang!


Thought For The Day

Beijing - notes for a blog entry to come later

Numbers in Our Lives

Will The Real Dick Please Stand Up?

Affairs of the Heart (Function) - New Neighbours?


Taxi Driver Rage

Off to the SWF again!

Room Furnishing - Flat Sharing?

August 2005

Cooking and Disasters - What is it with me?

Within or Without? The New Generation's Lifestyle Choice

The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army


Secret of Success? -- The Gamen's fault (as usual!)

SingWriFest Sunday - E@L and Singapore Baby!

Just Doing His Job?

And as for Golf...

And the Sermon This Sunday: Sustainability and Rejection of Growth

A Sterling Performance, but the Blog, Bruce, the Blog!

Singapore Landfill Problems Gossip

Non-Community Blogging

We wrap our lives in WHAT?

Rock Star Excess

How would you feel?


Not doing much 'cept eating and talking

This is a Joke, Right? (redux)

Not Reading - Travelling - Reading

This is a joke, right?

Movie - Taxi NDE

Missing from Work

A Quick (wobbles head) Hello

Away this week, keep checking...

And if that's not enough...

Looking for a Wedding/Honeymoon Gift?


Good for Cricket

Is there such as thing?

Bruise on Leg

Whodunnit? OJ?

Photos from the Singayawn.bg 2005

Saturday, where are you?

A Picture Is Worth HOW MANY Words Exactly?

Singlish Bloggers - The Gay Gene (no relation in these topics)

OK, gizmo question...

The Best (Blog) Writer?

I Write The Songs

Novel Idea #234

The Inner Game of Sleep

July 2005

TV Quotes

SeXBBM (Singapore Expat Bloggers Branch Meeting)


Golf Trauma - lying in fetal position not talking, drooling, thumping head rhythmically


You'll be Toast!

Plot Thought Totally Lost Found Again

Pattaya - Thailand blogger con fizzles due to no alcohol! - Restaurants

blogger.th - Tonight in Soi Cowboy!

More on Massage

BKK Restaurants: Parte The Seconde - Raan Derm

Restaurants Bangkok: Bloggers v Journalists, Parte The Firste.

And the 2035 Nobel Prize for Marketing goes to...

Me? Old?

What am I? (Redux)

Sausages and Legislation


The Quest

Happy Birthday Yesterday

Dinner - London

Why I Hate Technology #437

Speaking of Trends

SONY R&D - Fashion - Archetype

OK I'm an idiot, but not I'm THIS much of an idiot

A Day In The Life of E@L


Nice of Them

Guest blogger

My Home Town...


June 2005

What am I?

Everybody loves me baby, Watt's the matter with you?

Red Eye - Reduction continues...



On-Call Blues

Can't Find Your Way Home?

New Blog in Town

CSS Headaches

Doing the Rounds - The Hidden Meaning of Names

Color Uncoordinated

Spam Me, Spam You, Spam He She or It

The Day We Got Tomorrowed

Suzie Wong: Redux - Live at Hongkie Town!

Expat Nation - Farang Affairs

In Qatar

Wish I Had My Camera

Puffy Nipples

My Only Complaint...

Desert Island Tomes

Bullshit Job


Repo-Mouse: Take#whatever...


It's 4am. Do you know where my blog is?

Image Issues


May 2005

Sydney - just in...

More PharmaQuackery

Shut The F*ck Up

Antixenocracy II

Deep Throat II


Deep Throat

Antixenocracy battles Kleptocracy

Don't Drink and e-mail

Drowned Boy


Repo-Mouse: The Update

Irony File continued

Mouse Update...


Trolley Rage!

NONE Shall Password!

Medical Pseudo-Research by Big-Pharma-Pseudo-Scientists

April 2005

The Man in The Low-life Castle

This is terrible!

Yes, You Can Change The World

Tragedy of UnFrozen Portions, er Proportions...

Sage Writing Advice

Incredibly geeky fact

Death Penalty: Justice or Retribution - Man, with two brains.

Vietnam Sign

This is the bra model I want to marry...

Decided Lack of The Brown Effect

Not Enough Hangings in Singapore

Hey Merck , that's not in the Manual!

A discussion on racism and insularity in Singapore etc...

Nice story...

Yawning Sarcasm

WTF is it with Radioblog stats...


Truly Unbelievable - Disaster Capitalism - NoLogo - Viruses - Slander

Incognate - what the fuck does it mean?

Failure is the New Success!

Who are you? (The Machinist: movie review)

Office View (as promised) -- More Thoughts

A thought about what is happening here...

T-shirt muckin abart... I can't... help... myself -- 2D Cow Invasion: WTF?


Time for a New Church?

Political Singapore Bloggers (not me!)

Triads de-finger Brit after R7s!

Vietnam Food is in the NYT today - more Jungian Synchromeshity!

Russian Memberbots!

Diet - Work - Maid

More Vietnam delicacies...


More Wireless Woes...


Missing the Mouse, specially around dinner time...


Who the Fcuk is Henri Frederic Amiel, and Why is E@L Posting Nasty Things about Him?

One More Irony in the Fire


Try Again

Irony File #345

March 2005

The X

Boomerang Aid

How did I feel when The Mouse left?

Same same, No different

Who Said That?

SexyBlogger Conspiracy

Moral High-Ground - just what you need in case of an Ethical Tsunami

la grippe

Unscientific Research (slight return)

Department of Homeland Stupidity

Great Science

Can't talk

Brief Personal Report on the Rugby World Cup 7s

If you're in HK this weekend...

Goodbye Moto!


E@L's Tarot Card Lady

Beer Bloody Mary

Chronosynclastic infindibula as a way of life...

Suggestions Welcome

Clueless Coup in Bloodless Hong Kong

Mail Delivery- Failure Notice

bad bad bad...

Ladder Theory

Medical talk - about fetuses with cysts...

Coming In On A Wing and... that's about all that works.

Community Service Announcement

Khao Lak, Dec 26th, 8:30am.

Alphanumerical Africa

Out of mind, out of body, out of Africa...

February 2005

Out of Office (slight return)

Dog Legs

Fascinating Reading - Big Pharma to go down?

The Long Walk

Young Chicken

"You hep good heart!" she said...

Karon Beach Holidays & Air-rage returns...

Tsunami update sorta

Send in the Clones

From Another Expenditure

An Honest Mind Advancing

Got Milk?

Brand My Arse!

Vietnam Iraqi Election

January 2005

Reductio ad absurdum

Pens and Nail-clippers vs AK47s....

Birdwatching in Babylon

Beware of Caution!

What's It All About? 42. (slight return)

The Wanchai Chronicles


I've been Browned & I've been Saronged, but will I be Raged?

Weather is Pre-Determined in Singapore

Don't ya just hate it...

Burning Angel

United States lands troops on island nation - Queen deposed!

I also love Thomas PynchAWN...

I've always liked RageBoy, am I a pretentious fool?

Eat & Lands of Charm and Cruelty

'Don't touch my moustache' for waiting!

Kill the E@L - Make him bleed.

I'm not a geek, I just play one on TV...

Brewerkz sells beer

Survivors and Samaritans

THE Absolute Biggest Idiot on the Planet

New Links Added

Singlish Fable

I haven't been everywhere, man..

Quotes... (pick the real writer)

Susan Sontag - Rhetorical Mathematics

Tsunami relief has flushed out the wierdos

last chance to scrape E@L off the bottom of the ABA barrel

December 2004

Tsunami close call for my friends

Out of Office

Psychological issues in slaves - cure? A good whipping!

Christmas Card from my maid reads:

Christmas Email in case you missed it.


Extreme Marketing in China

Trackbacks and Pingbacks WTF?

Speeling ungramatical corecctly

Tooth picks

Snap, Back to Reality

One born every minute

Adventures in Alien Abduction

Will it stand up in court?

Don't forget to vote!

I think I suffer from this.

So, You've Decided to Be Evil...

symptomatic of Singapore

Spank The Rich

Fridge Poetry

Fict or Faction (slight return)

What I Want For Christmas

Fict or Faction?

Book shopping in Singapore

Joke I saw somewhere...

Food for thought

The Fat Man in Sexstory

Some blogs do, some blogs don't...

while we're on that topic...

You know how they call G-strings vaginal floss?

Eye'd h8 2 Write Like a Wanker

lets burn (some calories)

Saturday night do da do da do do...

A common HK expat pastime...

Unsure how the Internet actually works, if it does...

1 (one) Interesting Person...

Most brilliant blog ever conceived!

Booking for dinner on NYE

it never rains but man, it pours!

How do you tell who are the Good Guys again?

November 2004

To "illustrate" my point

Bad joke. Seriously BAD joke.

newspaper wars

Moral Values! Another Decline of the West... Or not?

More importantly, read this!

Truth in Advertising

America poised to make masturbation illegal?

My new avatar for chat-groups etc...

Americans are afraid of Americans

Can Beer be used to replace Water?

E@L promised you photos! well the links at least...

Blogging in Droves...

copy right, copy left, copy my middle finger

malayasia's number one export

I'm afraid of Americans

Every home should have one!

no photos, no photos

nudity in the home! whatever will those Japanese think of next!


FITH syndrome?

"I leave out a lot when I tell the truth."

I really gotta get my shit together

Business seminars and/or self-help books I'd like to see:

no place like home

Garaxy Expless 999! What a journey!

wear helmets you stupid dicks!

Expatriatism! Easier to spell than antidisestablishmentarianismistically!

the brush of air on my legs as a body falls

October 2004

Kyoto According to the Dinosaur

Nice place to visit but...

Beware the V!

If Melbourne is today, Saturday must be this...

Another Bush joke. It's like shooting fish in a barrel really.

Pattern Recognition is a great book...

Going Troppo - it had to happen!

Anomie under the stars

hard (-ish) work

Lard God Almighty

How Did I GET Here?

test again

that looks a bit better

fresh start

September 2004

even more... now I know why I hated Robert Menzies... and Alexander Downer

Sad Sick Little World

Shadows Dancing on Cave Walls

The Rats are Winning...

Election Time in Oz... whom to vote for? Scarecrow or TinMan?

People Who Deserve To Be Sent To The Seventh Level of Hell; NOW!

Entry 99 for the Blog, and Entry 1 for The Mouse!

Freedom From Choice

August 2004

Q1: Use the word 'negative' in a positive sense.

Head Banging

Any sufficiently advanced bureaucracy is indistinguishable from molasses.

If you can't offend somebody, why bother writing?

The Nine Lives of E@L

Eye robot

Expat's Burden - The Charisma Card®

let's converse in asian style of speaking no? yes!

As per usual, RageBoy finds the good stuff...

more cathartic whingeing from E@L

Hub hub-hub: iPod for iDiots

What sort of people buy iPods?

Disappointed but not Surprised

July 2004

Rost In Transration

True Story No# 457

... and another thing.

Where's The Mouse

Who ordered the chicken?

As a man grows older and wiser

Flat hunting in singapore

Bury That Song!

June 2004


Single Diner's Dilemma (slight return)

Science Faction

Happy Bloomsday (one day late, sorry)

The Tourette's Taxi Ride...

lies, damned lies and web statistics...

China bad this, China bad that... why is everybody picking on China?

RSI of the Airplane Nerves

May 2004

Relief at Ease

human nature?

April 2004

Negative Eating - Out in Hong Kong

Books do so furnish a room...

Secret History - The V

Why is it SO?

March 2004

Arrested? Me? Not technically...

Beginning to Think About Cliches?

Secret Men's Business

February 2004

Noi's Diary

Excellent News!

the E@L General Principle of Restaurant Relativity

One More Beer?

Chinese Restaurant - Kaohsiung

January 2004

Wi-Fi the E@L way!

LOTR Reviews...

Chicken? Fish? Eel!

December 2003

Christmas Sacking